Operational Improvement

Process management, within which operational improvement is framed, can be defined as a way of focusing the work, where the continuous improvement of the activities of an organization is sought through the identification, selection, description, documentation and continuous improvement of the processes. Any activity or sequence of activities that are carried out in the different business units, constitutes a process and as such, must be managed.

The Consulting focuses and facilitates the execution of the following processes:

Process maps: It drives the organization to have a vision beyond its geographical and functional limits, showing how its activities are related to external customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Process Modeling: It helps to synthesize the dynamic relationships that exist in it, test its premises and predict its effects on the client. It is the basis for the process team to approach the redesign and improve and establish relevant indicators at the intermediate points of the process and their results.

Process Documentation: This is a structured method that uses a precise manual to understand the context and details of key processes. Whenever a process is to be redesigned or improved, its documentation is essential as a starting point. What is common in organizations is that processes are not identified and therefore not documented or delimited. The processes flow through different departments and positions of the functional organization, which are not usually perceived in their entirety and as differentiated and, in many cases, interrelated sets. This is a fundamental activity in the management of processes.

Process equipment: The configuration, training and facilitation of process equipment is essential for the management of the processes and their orientation towards the client. The teams have to be led by the process owner, and have to develop the systems of revision and control.

Redesign and improvement of processes: Analysis of a process can lead to redesign actions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and shorten times by reducing production and delivery times of the product or service.

Process Management Indicators: Process Management will involve a set of indicators related to quality and other significant parameters. This is the way in which the organization can truly know, control and improve its management.


The consultancy offered by us includes the BPM methodology, which is developed in five phases.


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