Audit services of the firm have been designed to support you to meet the challenges involved in managing risks, resources and information.

Our professionals work with you to help you understand what the risks are and how to address them successfully. We also use the latest technology tools to provide services and advice tailored to the nature and particular circumstances of your business, the responsibility with that we carry out our duties of statutory auditors, it is a trait that identifies us.

We understand the Statutory Auditor as an integral service, whose primary objective is to discharge the tasks set for this charge, by the Commercial Code, our work in capacity as statutory auditors, make special emphasis on compliance with legal dispositions and statutory regulations, in evaluation of the managerial administration in the development of the corporate purpose of organizations.

We take responsibility for auditing the financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards for the purpose of expressing an independent opinion on the financial condition of our customers.


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