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IFRS Consulting and Advisory

What is IFRS?

A brief introduction to IFRS; its use around the world; implications for businesses thinking about adopting IFRS; and how can we help.

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We support advisory processes in all economic sectors to converge and implement IFRS.

We have developed a methodology for IFRS process to convert figures and implementation, which has been successfully applied in implemented projects.

We have trained professionals in Colombia and abroad, with a high level of academic expertise to implement certain projects. We use technology that ensures the success and reliability of our services with quality.

 The following are some of our main services:


  • Advice on implementation of IFRS and SMEs
  • Advice on specialized consulting
  • IFRS Advisory for public sector entities
  • Business Valuation and determination of Goodwill under IFRS 3
  • Analysis and calculation of impairment loss
  • Preparation of financial statements under IFRS
  • Design of accounting policies under IFRS
  • Training for SMEs and full IFRS
  • Valuation of employee benefits
  • Revision of IFRS adjustment software
  • Consolidation of Financial Statements under IFRS
  • Preparation of the opening balance ESFA
  • Audit of the IFRS implementation project
  • Valuation of financial instruments
  • Deferred tax calculation