This service line develops activities to support the clients in the organizational improvement, through the evaluation of processes, revision and design or redesign of the organizational structures, definition of business architecture based on technology. 

Grant Thornton provides independent advice to public, private, and non-profit organizations to increase operational and operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Consulting (BA) services include: 

  • Process management - Operational improvement
  • Change management
  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • BCP Services

Our Advisory Business Consulting

Corporate Risk Management

This regulatory environment seeks to mitigate the risks and uncertainties of the banking industry, also responding to economic pressures and investor expectations.

Operational Improvement

Process management, within which operational improvement is framed, can be defined as a way of focusing the work, where the continuous improvement of the activities of an organization is sought through the identification, selection, description, documentation and continuous improvement of the processes. Any activity or sequence of activities that are carried out in the different business units, constitutes a process and as such, must be managed.

Change Management

Change management is the process, through tools and techniques, to manage the transition to a new reality, trying to make the people involved able and willing to work in the new defined context and achieve the expected results.

Business Intelligence and Analysis

Business intelligence acts as a strategic factor for an organization, generating a potential competitive advantage, which is none other than providing privileged information to respond to business problems.


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