This may be the basis for many business decisions.

Only those who have clearly structured numbers and a good view of their business, can identify weaknesses and opportunities early enough to react on time to events in their environment.

Our support involves the design of the accounting organization in order to adjust the maintenance of records and the reports for your needs, while striving to increase the effectiveness of the accounting function in your business.

We review and control local accounting based on the information provided by the customer, as: bills, accounting support and internal reports.

We can help you prepare your financial accounting or prepare it for you.

Financial accounting solutions: 

  • Accounting in house / on-site that meets local regulations (IFRS, GAAP etc.)
  • Monthly and annual financial statements
  • Management reports
  • Adaptation of financial systems
  • Management and financial analysis
  • Design and organization of accounting processes and measuring their effectiveness
  • Record of all the operations carried out by the company
  • Reconciliation of all accounts in the financial statements
  • Accounting reports
  • Prepare tax returns applicable in Colombia for DIAN and the Treasury District
  • Develop answers to ordinary requirements from tax authorities
  • Develop reports of district and national exogenous information
  • Address the visits of statutory auditors
  • Address issues related to the control and surveillance entities
  • Billing and collection
  • Storage and retention of electronic books, records and/or hardcopy

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