Legal Advice: Our firm has professionals capable of offering legal advice and permanent accompaniment to companies wishing to do business in Colombia, providing recommendations based on the knowledge of its operation, best practices, and strategies within the legal framework, in the following areas:

  • Tax Law: Consulting on the national, district, and other taxes involved in the ordinary activities of companies and changes in legislation.
  • Corporate, commercial, and contract law: Incorporation and liquidation of companies, statutory reforms, and preparation of minutes of the board of directors or highest corporate body, preparation or review of contracts, mergers, or spin-offs.
  • Foreign exchange law: Consulting related to foreign exchange movements for international investments, foreign indebtedness, and foreign trade operations.
  • Labor law: Advice, preventive consulting, and training in labor and social security matters, to facilitate decision making, minimize risks and achieve an adequate management of human talent and the handling of labor relations at a corporate level.

Power of Attorney: Grant Thornton Colombia recognizes the need of our clients to have a strategic ally for the development of operations in the country and therefore we offer our services of a special or general power of attorney, to support the work of compliance with formal duties that require the signature of the legal representative who may not be in the national territory to carry out such management personally.

Therefore, according to the particular requirements of each entity, tax and exchange documents, among others, may be signed in the name of the company and in the capacity of attorneys-in-fact, such as:

  • Sign of tax returns
  • Update of National Tax ID (RUT) and municipal Tax ID (RIT), and procedures before chambers of commerce.
  • Sign of exchange forms
  • Affiliation of employees to entities of the social security system.
  • Sign of forms for updating or renewal of commercial registration.

Lawsuits in tax matters: We have a group of experts in providing advice and support to companies facing controversies with national or territorial tax authorities, whether they are in administrative or judicial proceedings, for which we design and structure strategies and legal arguments to defend the interests of our clients.

Based on our knowledge and experience we advise the client and according to the decision adopted, we are able to perform the following:

  • Attend the administrative acts issued by the tax authorities for tax determination.
  • Respond to administrative acts issued in tax sanctioning processes.
  • Elaborate answers to ordinary or special requirements.
  • To file appeals against official assessments.
  • Prepare claims for annulment and reestablishment of rights.

Legal and tax due diligence: Grant Thornton Colombia accompanies its clients in strategic transactions such as mergers or acquisitions of companies, for which we assist this process in the identification of opportunities, risks, and contingencies, solutions, and/or recommendations in the evaluation of the transaction based on tax or legal contingencies that could impact the negotiation.

Our service includes, among others:

  • Review of all significant taxes applicable to the Company subject of the transaction, for the years open to inspection.
  • Review of compliance with the formal and substantive duties of the company.
  • Review of contracts and labor conditions.
  • Analysis of social security contributions.
  • Review of documents related to the incorporation of the company and its reforms.
  • Review of contracts (clients, suppliers, related parties).

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