As part of Social Security policies and strategies in Colombia, pensions and health are fundamental workers' rights, for which specialized support is required to guarantee access to these rights, in a transparent, equitable and the law.

The Comprehensive Social Security System includes the following aspects:


  • Legal Evaluation. A review and analysis is made that includes the following:
    • Legal study of each of the pension files.
    • Review of documentation.
    • Validation of the legal regulations applied to the application.
    • Review of legal and mathematical settlement.
    • Review of the liquidation of shares
    • Review of reliquidation, indexing
  • Documentary Evaluation: The documentary validation of the files and the pension applications are aimed at certifying their authenticity, and their legal validity, so that there is no detriment of the economic heritage of the country, minimizing the impact of fraudulent recognition, which requires the contest of experts and experts, in forensic graphology, documentary management and dactyloscopy.


  • Assessment of Social Security Calculations in Occupational Risks - People Insurance.
    • Calculation of the impact of long tail claims.
    • Study of the impact on the pension reserve due to the increase in the minimum wage.
    • Study of the impact on the pension reserve due to changes in market interest rates.
    • Analysis of the impact on pension reserves for extra-longevity.
    • Calculation of technical imbalance by aggravated risk.
    • Calculation of mathematical reserves.
    • Calculation of technical reserves under IFRS.
    • Calculation of Asset Sufficiency Test under IFRS.
    • Complementary Product Design Personal Accident Policy-Labor Risks.
    • Design of Individual Life Insurance Policies, Unemployment, Education.


  • Labor audits, which include evaluation of the following components:
    • Links
    • Payroll, salary and wage compensation
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Disconnections
    • Subcontracting of work and services
    • Assessment of human rights requirements

Of health

  • Assessment of Health Calculations Complementary Plans Policies.
    • Technical Note Calculation
    • NO-POS services impact
    • Recruitment plan
    • EPS feasibility analysis
    • Prepaid medicine plans
    • Financial Technical Analysis
    • Asset Sufficiency Testing Models
    • Sufficient analysis UPC
    • Health plan
    • High Cost Analysis
    • Complementary Health Plans
    • Morbidity analysis
    • Technical reserves calculations under IFRS
    • Predictive Medical Cost Models

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