Business intelligence acts as a strategic factor for an organization, generating a potential competitive advantage, which is none other than providing privileged information to respond to business problems: entry to new markets, promotions or offers of products, elimination of islands of Information, financial control, cost optimization, production planning, analysis of customer profiles, profitability of a specific product, among others. 

Among the advantages of implementing a business intelligence solution, we can mention the following:

  • Manage Growth
  • Costs control
  • Better understand customers
  • Management indicators


The methodology used by our firm, called the "Kimball Methodology", is based on what Ralph Kimball calls the Business Dimensional Lifecycle. This life cycle of the DW project is based on four basic principles:

  • Focus on the business.
  • Build an appropriate information infrastructure.
  • Make deliveries in significant increments (this principle is to create the data warehouse in deliverable increments in terms of 6 to 12 months).
  • Provide the complete solution (In this point they provide all the necessary elements to deliver value to business users, for this you must already have a well-designed data warehouse, you must provide ad hoc query tools, applications for reports and analysis Advanced, training, support, website and documentation).

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