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A rocky road to recovery

The global economy in 2012

Recovery from the financial crisis remains uncertain across both mature and emerging markets. During the past 12 months we have seen volatile commodity prices, disruptions in supply chains, political uprisings and natural disasters.

Drawing on data and insight from the Grant Thornton International Business Report, the Economist Intelligence Unit and the International Monetary Fund, this report examines the events of the previous 12 months and speculates on possible developments in 201

Based on interviews with more than 12,000 business leaders in 40 economies, the report finds that global business confidence is balancing on a knife edge and growth could become even more difficult in the coming 12 months.


Other key findings from the report 

  • Growth prospects in mature markets look weak
  • The shift in economic power from ‘west to east’ is speeding up
  • Loose monetary policy and high commodity prices are increasing inflationary pressures

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