Our Industries

Real estate and construction

We offer business, tax and property insurance advisory services to investors, developers, fund providers, home builders and contractors.


At Grant Thornton, we will work with you to capitalize on every opportunity and manage the risks inherent in the industry, helping you stay one step ahead. We are advisors in technology, media and market communications, with a broad client base and a strong network of investors.

Public sector

We offer audit, consulting and accounting services to the government sector and are one of the most experienced firms in this field.

NGO - Non-profit corporation

We have a team of experts who consistently form effective partnerships with our diverse clients across the country.

Financial and stock market sector

We provide sound, independent and professional advice on the issues that matter most to your organization.

Hotel and tourism

At Grant Thornton, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in this rapidly changing industry.

Food and beverages

The food and beverage sector offers a full range of advisory, audit and tax services, with extensive experience focused on companies across the entire supply chain from food and beverage, agricultural producers, to manufacturers, retailers, bars and restaurants.

Oil & Gas

We explore financing and cost management options, helping to identify and maximize your company's growth opportunities.