Its purpose is to verify the different procedures and internal control systems established by a company in order to know if they function as planned and at the same time to offer to management possible changes or improvements in them.

Internal audit is a fundamental component of control in large companies and is structured, within them, as a function or process that independently reports the results of its management, and normally depends on the highest possible level of control organization.

The audit services our firm provides are as follows:

Audit Accounting: The objective of this audit is to know the financial results of the business, in order to base certain criteria or points of view, depending on the particular interest that each party has in the company

Financial Audit: The objective of the financial audit is to evaluate and verify the operations that have given rise to the aforementioned financial statements, in order to issue an opinion or opinion on whether they reasonably present the financial situation of the company.

Operational Audit: Its purpose is to determine the degrees of effectiveness, economy and efficiency achieved by the organization and make recommendations to improve the operations evaluated.

Internal Control: It is the organizational plan adopted within a company to safeguard its assets and ensure proper registration of commercial transactions.

Tax Audit: Its main objective is to provide reassurance to the company's management that the management they have been given to their taxes is correct and will not have legal problems, due to the inadequate management of this concept.


The general methodology of Internal Audit has nine stages:

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