The address system we have used since the birth of the Internet is called IPv4, but the Internet is currently running out of address space, which is why the new IPv6 addressing protocol, which provides an exponentially large number of IP addresses Possible.

The main objective is to provide a timely technological service of high professional and technical quality that supports the process of transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The approach and method of work are aimed at preparing, implementing and monitoring the IPv6 protocol. For which we propose the following objectives: 

  • Perform the diagnosis of the current situation of the hardware and software structure that supports the company's communications network
  • Develop the detailed plan for the transition to IPv6 taking into account services, hardware upgrade, software and routing and security policies.
  • Carry out the design of the new topology of the network based on the guidelines of the new IPv6 protocol in double-stack mode.
  • Apply the IPv6 transition model in the enterprise network, allowing coexistence with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and double-stack transition.
  • Conduct the testing and monitoring of IPv6 functionality in the company's information systems, storage systems, communications systems and services.
  • IPv6 training plan for employees in the IT areas of companies. 


The following methodology contains the high-level phases and activities to be carried out:


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